Tuesday, October 28, 2014

How much should i pay?

Replacement window prices can vary greatly. In the Columbus area there is a “cheap” option and then there are the mainstream options available. The company that uses ads to say they have a $189 window is misleading. They have radio ads that say $189, why pay more? The truth is, the 189 window does not include many items that most of us want in a replacement window. Once you add in the normal features that we all want the price can go over $700. Out windows have argon gas and low e glass. We have reinforced frames and nice contours. Call us for more information. On the other side of the spectrum is are the majority of companies in Columbus. They are big names and a few newcomers to the area. They come to your home and “camp out”. I used to work for one of these companies back in the early 1990’s. You do a long presentation and show the customer how great your windows are at insulating your home. You give a high price and have to call your “manager” to discount it. Many of these companies sell windows that are identical to our products for $800-1200 a window. We are generally half that or less. We make a profit and can still offer windows under $500. These windows are Energy Star rated and come with a 50 year warranty! They are almost identical to theirs. Please call us for more details. 614-375-4444

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The importance of proper cleanup

It is very important that the company you chose to do business with for your replacement windows, siding, gutters and doors cleans up your home and your yard properly. This area is often neglected by crews that are paid very little to do the work and do not care about a quality cleanup. When the above items are replaced/installed, there will be debris. Much of this debris will be sharp nails, metal and other hazardous items. It is important to clean properly so that the customer is free of accidents that may hurt the homeowner, a child or even a pet walking around outside. We take pride in doing a good job from start to finish. Why not call us today? 614-375-4444