Thursday, March 25, 2010


After over many years of service to Ohio, we have a great following and a nice referral base. We have recently been asked why we do not belong to the BBB. As you can see from their website, we never had any complaints and we did not see the need to pay them $360 a year to have our name listed. Well, we finally did it. We are now listed with the BBB. See . As you can see by the report, no complaints in the last 36 months. We hope that this helps you decide to work with us for your vinyl siding and vinyl replacement window needs. also check out Angies List. as we have a perfect rating there as well.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Government imposes new guidelines - Customer to pay more

As of April 22, 2010 if you want vinyl replacement windows, you may be paying more for them. Per new govenment guidlines, homes built before 1978 may have to be treated as hazmat zones. This means that the company such as Therma Pro has to have hasmat certification and follow certain proceedures similar to a hazardous waste spill in removing and installing your new windows. This is unfortunate in that a simple proceedure such as replacement windows, in a home where you already live has to become such a big issue. Estimates are still coming in but this will raise the price of EACH vinyl replacement window by around $90.

What effect will this have. In my opinion, you will not call a company to do the work. You may call us for the windows and do the job yourself. If you do, will the installation be done right? Wil you lose your warranty? Will you just go to the hardware store, buy an inferior window, install it yourself and see very little savings or none at all.

The bottom line is, the govenment in a way is taking back the 30% energy tax credit back, and taxing you for having an older home and wanting to do the right thing and update it. People may keep their less efficient windows.

Also, as you know, the energy bill did not pass. The president decided to make it happen anyway by giving the EPA the right to enforce the same laws that were voted down by Republicans and Demorcats. The EPA now recognizes carbon dioxide (what we breathe out) as a poison and therefore can fine us for it. I urge you to replace you windows now before these laws take effect. Take control now, get you $1500 tax credit now, finance you windows, no payments no interest for 12 months, enjoy your savings now.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dublin area

The Dublin area seems to have many homeowners who are worried about damage to their windows, siding etc from the recent cold and snow. They are calling about replacement windows to to the place of the cheap ones put in by some builders. People have been very happy with the new vinyl windows and vinyl siding and I think we will be getting many new customer word of month about our products. We sell our product for about half our competitors for the same windows. We simply feel that a little off many custoemers is better than making a fortune from you. Remember we have the 12 months no payments/interest available as well. Looks like the BBB is inviting us to join and we will be doing that in the next few days.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

It looks like our March special has been a hit already as people are calling about the $25 installation on 3 or more vinyl replacement windows. It looks like people really felt the hit on their pocketbooks during the recent cold spell. And now with the 30% up to $1500 energy tax credit and the 12 months no payments no interest, people see how they can get cash back, save on their bills, and still enjoy no payments for 12 months.