Thursday, December 16, 2010

End of year savings

Its almost time for the new year and there is a lot to be said for fulfilling your plans of saving money without having to suffer without your coffee or afternoon treat. Replacing you old windows, putting in vinylt siding with insulation, putting in insulated doors and other home improvements can make your home look better and save money monthly for doing it.

It is a good time to call and make arangements for these improvements now. As always feel free to contact us at our phone number, 614-375-4444 or email us at .

Also, as you can see the new website is in early and looking great. Thanks to all who contributed. Everyone, keep emailing us. We want to keep improving. Next up is a glossery of terms. Coming soon...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

New site going active Jan 2011

Next month we will introduce our new website and will continue to use your input to update and provide more complete information on vinyl windows, siding, doors, and gutter systems.

You can see the format in the background of this blog already but feel free to look at the new site and give us feedback at

Well, its too late to get windows installed for the tax credit and we are still working like crazy to catch up with the installs we have. But its never too late to save with our products.

Our customers have seen how our pricing is about half our competitors for the same quality or better in many cases. Give us a call at 614-374-4444 or call me directly at 614-271-3330 for an estimate.