Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New year 2015. New savings.

I think it is pretty obvious to those of you who have been following this blog that efficient windows and doors pay for themselves very quickly. We will reopon on January 1. Give us a call or email us for an estimate for your replacement windows and doors. 614-375-4444 sales@themaprowindows.com

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Time off for our families

We will be taking the December 24th through January 1st off to spend time with our families. If you need doors, replacement windows or have an emergency, you can still call our number, 614-375-4444 during this time and the call will be forwarded to a manager.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

How much should i pay?

Replacement window prices can vary greatly. In the Columbus area there is a “cheap” option and then there are the mainstream options available. The company that uses ads to say they have a $189 window is misleading. They have radio ads that say $189, why pay more? The truth is, the 189 window does not include many items that most of us want in a replacement window. Once you add in the normal features that we all want the price can go over $700. Out windows have argon gas and low e glass. We have reinforced frames and nice contours. Call us for more information. On the other side of the spectrum is are the majority of companies in Columbus. They are big names and a few newcomers to the area. They come to your home and “camp out”. I used to work for one of these companies back in the early 1990’s. You do a long presentation and show the customer how great your windows are at insulating your home. You give a high price and have to call your “manager” to discount it. Many of these companies sell windows that are identical to our products for $800-1200 a window. We are generally half that or less. We make a profit and can still offer windows under $500. These windows are Energy Star rated and come with a 50 year warranty! They are almost identical to theirs. Please call us for more details. 614-375-4444

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The importance of proper cleanup

It is very important that the company you chose to do business with for your replacement windows, siding, gutters and doors cleans up your home and your yard properly. This area is often neglected by crews that are paid very little to do the work and do not care about a quality cleanup. When the above items are replaced/installed, there will be debris. Much of this debris will be sharp nails, metal and other hazardous items. It is important to clean properly so that the customer is free of accidents that may hurt the homeowner, a child or even a pet walking around outside. We take pride in doing a good job from start to finish. Why not call us today? 614-375-4444

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Should I buy double or triple pane replacement windows?

Sometimes people ask me the question about the difference between double and triple glass windows. There are a few things we must consider. 1.) Double pane glass is lighter than triple pane. Often triple pane is too heavy and can cause stress on the frame of the window. 2.) Triple pane is more insulated because there is more argon gas. This level of insulation is only needed in the very cold climates. 3.) Triple pane replacement windows are much more expensive. For the Ohio area recommend double pane windows. Checking with the Energy Star website, the double pane windows fit into recommended guidelines for Ohio.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Fall is around the corner

As our nights begin to get colder and frost is right around the corner, we get flashbacks of last winter when we saw the highest heating bills in our lifetime and we are reminded of the pain to our wallets. Get ahead of the weather and install replacement windows, doors and insulated siding now, for a less painful winter later. There are some tax credits you can take advantage of as well. check out this link for details. Tax Credits Please call use at 614-375-4444 or email sales@thermaprowindows.com for more details.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Beat the heat

Buying new replacement windows reduced home heating and cooling bills by up to 25%

Monday, July 28, 2014

Pay for a quote?

These days some companies are charging for estimate. The reason for this is that people will shop around to 5 or 6 companies before they take the cheapest. You should not buy the cheapest, you should buy the best value. We just happen to be inexpensive and have the best product. Anyway, don't pay for an estimate. If a company can't afford to pay for gas to get to your home, you may not want to do business with them. Choose a stable company for your replacement windows, choose Therma Pro Window. 614-375-4444

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Siding and insulation

It is important to understand that many times your siding is installed just outside your walls with little or no insulation other than what is between your 2x4’s. We offer an excellent product designed to conquer this energy loss. Our siding contains insulation build right in. It is actually baked to the back side of the siding. This can make a tremendous difference in your heating and cooling costs and is just another way we make your house a home. If it’s siding, replacement windows, or doors you need. Get in touch with us now. 614-375-4444

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Why is it so warm in my home?

There are several factors to consider when answering this question: 1.) The most obvious is – are my windows / doors leaking air into my home? 2.) Are the seals broken on my windows / doors? 3.) Are they caulked properly? 4.) Do I have low e glass? Just as a reminder low e glass is included in most new windows. You should not have to pay extra for this. It reflects summer sun keeping your home cooler, while allowing the winter sun, which is lower in the sky than the summer sun, in to help keep your heating costs low. Please call or email us for details or an estimate on siding, doors, replacement windows or glass repair. 614-375-4444

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Do I need new windows?

Ask yourself... Are my carpet and furniture fading? One benefit of new windows is they block harmful UV rays from the sun that can fade furniture and carpets. Is there warped wood, damaged paint, or water damaged wood around my windows? If so damaged or warped wood can be a result of peeling paint. This can cause wood rot. This can allow air and water to leak into the house, raising your utility bills and possibly causing expensive damage. High utility bills? Who wants to heat and cool the outside? Contain your heating and air conditioning inside your home. It WILL pay for itself. Can you hear outside noises inside your home? This of course means you have leaks or are not adequately insulated. Call us - 614-375-4444 You will get a better price and better service. Its our promise to you.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

More Blogging to come

It’s been a long time since my last entry. Frankly, it’s been busy. Right now people are running to get new windows after the terrible experience they had this winter with their heating bills. We want to help. For a limited time (until 6/15/2014) only, double hung windows are priced at $399 installed. This includes: Argon gas, low-e glass, a beautiful design, tear-out of the old windows, installing the new ones, and cleanup. Also, during this period only, any windows installed by 7/15/2014 will also include free glass breakage warranty. That means if a baseball goes through the window, it is covered. You will not find this anywhere else. Don’t pay the others $850 or more per window for the same quality when you can get your windows with all the extras included for $399. (Grids add $10/sash). Please check out our website for more information.