Monday, July 28, 2014

Pay for a quote?

These days some companies are charging for estimate. The reason for this is that people will shop around to 5 or 6 companies before they take the cheapest. You should not buy the cheapest, you should buy the best value. We just happen to be inexpensive and have the best product. Anyway, don't pay for an estimate. If a company can't afford to pay for gas to get to your home, you may not want to do business with them. Choose a stable company for your replacement windows, choose Therma Pro Window. 614-375-4444

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Siding and insulation

It is important to understand that many times your siding is installed just outside your walls with little or no insulation other than what is between your 2x4’s. We offer an excellent product designed to conquer this energy loss. Our siding contains insulation build right in. It is actually baked to the back side of the siding. This can make a tremendous difference in your heating and cooling costs and is just another way we make your house a home. If it’s siding, replacement windows, or doors you need. Get in touch with us now. 614-375-4444